Dr. Amin Habibi



Amin Habibi received his Ph.D. degree in Architecture from  University of Tehran, Iran in 2011. He completed his master degree in Architecture in 2003 at University of Tehran.


He has published over 45 papers in the scope of Architecture and Landscape.

Currently he is an assistant professor  at the Department of Architecture, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.

He is Vice chancellor of Research in faculty of Arts & Architecture since 2018.

He was Vice chancellor of Education in faculty of Arts & Architecture from Jan 2014 to  Jan 2018.

Research Interests

    ​Cultural Landscape/vernacular architecture

    The history, form, and meaning of ordinary built environments, particularly in Iran. This work bridges cultural geography, historical geography, urban geography, and some aspects of physical geography, along with social and cultural history.

    I study the ways in which social groups have used space (as buildings, rooms, street grids, fields, or yards) to articulate social relations, to derive cultural meaning, and to create social change.

     Landscape Aesthetics Assessment

    How landscape aesthetics can influence and direct landscape change, while developing innovative methodologies of how landscape visualisation and modelling can be used to explore human reaction to these changes.

    Soundscape as the component of the Acoustic Environment / Persian Gardens sound-map

    Landscape Design and Outdoor Thermal Comfort

    Landscape approach in Public space and social interaction 

    Landscape Architecture Theory and its application in various disciplines

  • Master's
     Research Methodalogy Warkshop
     Architectural Design Studio1
     Landscape architecture Fundamantals & Theories

     Landscape Design studio 1


     Applied Geometry in Architecture
     Introduction to Architectural Design Studio 1
     Introduction to Architectural Design Studio 2
     Documentation of Historical Buildings
     Introduction to Contemporary Architecture
     Regulation of Environmental Conditions
     Architectural Design Studio(1)
     Architectural Design Studio (2)

     Architectural Design Studio(3)

     Final Project

  • Karamirad S, Aliabadi M, Habibi A, Vakilinejad R (Accepted Manuscript) Measuring the impact of vegetation on the pedestrians thermal comfort conditions, (Text in Persian)  Journal of Iranian architecture and Urbanism

    Karamirad S, Aliabadi M, Habibi A (Accepted Manuscript) Assessing the Impact of Urban Geometry on Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Microclimate Scale (Case of Shiraz, Open Space of Goldasht Residential Complex),(Text in Persian) Journal of Management System

    Keshtkaran R, Habibi A, Sharif H (2017) Aesthetic Preferences for Visual Quality of Urban Landscape in Derak High-Rise Buildings (Shiraz) Journal of Sustainable Development 10:94-106

    Habibi A (2017) New Approaches to the Landscape Aesthetics Research Bagh-e-Nazar 14:69-76

    Habibi A (2017) Environmental Aesthetics The Share of Environmental Aesthetic Indices in the Cognition of Urban Landscape Manzar 35:50-55

    Sharif H, Habibi A, Jamalabadi A (2017) Climatic function of Girih Art in Islamic architecture case study: Residential building in Qajar Era in Shiraz Journal of Research in Islamic Archietcure 4:61-72

    Azaddolat S, Fallah M, Zakeri M, Habibi A (2017) Formation of principles and concepts of identity creator in Iranian architecture (With emphasis on tendencies, components and examples in contemporary Iranian architecture), (Text in Persian) culture and arts study 2:67-78

    Habibi (2015) The Position of Landscape Ecology in Recent Studies, (Text in Persian)  Manzar 32:46-58

    Sharif H, Habibi A (2015) The impact of the learning process of architectural design on the creativity of students Case study: the preliminaries of architectural design course Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 10:261-266

    Habibi A (2015) Affecting factors in selecting the design process models Engineering Research Journal 7:15-23

    Saeidian N, Memarzia K, Zakeri M, Habibi A (2015) Comparative Study Of Persian Garden Landscape Pattern Versus Four Kinds Of  Therapeutic Gardens, (Text in Persian)  Journal of Urban Landscape Research 4:81-92

    Nazarboland N, Habibi A (2014) Applying Shaping Elements in Architectural Area for Increasing Urphant’s Social Relations -Sample: Charitable Nursery in Shiraz 8:594-600

    Habibi A (2013) Contemplation in Philosophical Approach to the Aesthetics of Nature

    , (Text in Persian) Manzar 22:40-43

    Mansuri A, Habibi A (2013) An Analysis of Factors Contributing to the Formation of Landscapes Ensuring Sustainable Environments A Case Study of the River Khoshk in Shiraz, (Text in Persian)   Bagh-e-Nazar 7:63-78

     Habibi A (2010) Conceptual Landscape Transition, (Text in Persian)  Manzar 3:70-72


Invited seminars and Presentations


Role of landscae in revitalization of ‘Khoshk River’ in Shiraz, Ph.D. student’s congress, university of Tehran, 2009


Explaining relation of aesthetics theories, environmental design and urban landscape, international Congress of art, nature and the city, 2016, Iran


Regenerative and bio-philic design in landscape and architectural design, 5th international congress in civil engineering, architecture and urban development, Shahid Beheshti University, 2017, Iran


• Editorial Responsibilities


Member Board of Editors: International Journal of Global Sustainability

Reviewer, American Journal of Applied Sciences

Reviewer, Journal of Bagh-e-Nazar

Reviewer, Armanshahr journal of Architecture and Urban development

Reviewer, Journal of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism

Reviewer, Journal of Territory

Reviewer, Manzar Journal




  • Academic


  • Assistant Professor in Architecture, Shiraz University; IRAN, Since 2011
  • Lecturer, International Faculty of Shiraz University; Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2013 – 2015
  • Lecturer, International Faculty of Shiraz University; Shiraz, Iran, since 2008
  • Lecturer, Azad University of Gachsaran, Gachsaran, Iran, 2005 - 2008
  • Lecturer, Azad University of Bushehr, Bushehr, Iran, 2004 - 2005 
Graduate Thesis Advisor


Saeed Sharif Research & Presentation Center Of Classical Music  
Elnaz Ronaghzadeh designing children intellectual development center based on educational open space  
Shabnam Sookhaklari Designing local products exhibition in Lar city by focus on vernacular architecture  
Nasrin Akhavan varnosfaderani Designing Cultural Complex with an Emphasizing on Collective Life in Historical Texture of Esfahan  
Abdolah Jamalabadi Design Residential Center for Elderly with emphasis on Social Interact in Public spaces.  
Samin Ghaffarian Art therapy with an emphasis on outdoor recreation center  
Saba Mogharrabi Design Cultural Youth Centre in Shiraz with Emphasis on Social Interaction of Youth  
Reza Keshtkaran Designing Residential Complex with a Focus on Visual Aeshtetics of High Rise Buildings  
Ali Moosavi The residential complex designed with a view to the crime prevention through environmental design  
Sina Karamirad Refurbishment of a residential building with emphasis on natural ventilation in energy efficiency  
AliReza Mirshekari Architectural design of medical complex building in bushehr by approach to sustainable architecture (water efficiency)  
SEYED AMIN TABATABAEIFARD Design of Building Sustainability Research Center of Shiraz University, A Low Energy Design Approach  
Yousefinezhad Leila Designing physical and mental health center of Iranian Traditional Medicine  
Fatemeh Bonyani Design Of A Walk In- Drive In Leisure Center With Approach to Coherence and Integration Of the Open and closed Space and Architectural Space  
Fatemeh Salim shirazi The Effect Of Building Form On The Thermal Performance Of Villas(Case Of Study: Villas Of Sadra Town In Shiraz)  
Loabat Nima Refurbishment of apartment envelope in Kermanshah, with approch of upgrading energy efficiency  
Najmeh Saeidian Fars Wellness Center, using therapeutic contact with nature  
Siavash Katebi School design by focusing on the psychology of color  
Hanie sadat Taghavi Designing The Art and Culture Complex of Shiraz: With Focus on Social Interaction of Disabled People with The Society  
Ali mohammad Mohammad pour motlagh azma Designing child's hospital with focus on color psychology in Shiraz  
Maryam Jangjoo Designing 12 classrooms elementary school for girls with attitude to flexibility in mashhad  
Bahram Davani The Residential Complex Design According to People's Lifestyle Narrative in Bushehr  
Hoda Khaleghi Design of the cultural community center for Resalat district of Mashhad with a social sustainability approach  
Mozhgan Kamali Design Shiraz Electrical Power Distribution Company Building with Emphasis on Daylighting Effect on Thermal Comfort  
Fahime Kanani plant center with the approach of spatial continuity  
Saeid Mahjoob Designing permanent exhibition of structural systems : with attitude to structural aesthetics in interaction with architecture


Other Professional Activities


Member board of landscape and urban design committee in housing and urban development organization of Fars province Iran, since 2016.


Member board of educational committee in Shiraz University since 2014.


Project manager in many landscape and architecture projects in Tehran, Bushehr, Shiraz and Gachsaran, Iran, since 2004.


Scientific committee member on the first international conference on urban and intercity roads landscape (a vernacular approach)

Peer reviewed conference presentations



A, Habibi. (2012). Critical Study on Contemporary Architecture in Iran. Paper presented at the 100 Years of Iranian Architecture and Urbanism, karaj, iran.

A, Habibi. (2013). Landscape aesthetics as a primary force to achieve cultural sustainability in the city A comparision research on the basis of Relf's points. Paper presented at the International Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Developmet, Tabriz, Iran.

A, Habibi, & L, Iranpoor. (2014). Culture, Identity and Persian House. Paper presented at the 9th Symposium on Advances In Science And Technology, Mashahd, Iran.

A, Habibi, & S, Mirhadi. (2012). Explanation of the Factors Affecting the Growth of Place Attachment A Case Study on the Pedestrian of Arg of Karim Khan in Shiraz, Iran. Paper presented at the The Power of Landscape, Warsaw, Poland.

A, Jamalabadi, A, Habibi, & H, Sharif. (2017). Affecting Factors on Promoting Social Interaction in Public Open Spaces. Paper presented at the 4th International Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development, Tehran, Iran.

A, Musavi, A, Habibi, & S, Haeri. (2017). Cpted Approach in Designing Open Spaces of Residential Complexes. Paper presented at the 5th National Conference in Geography, Planning, Architecture and Urbanism, Tehran, Iran.

F, Bonyani, K, Memarzia, A, Habibi, & K, Fatahi. (2016a). architecture and space continuity. Paper presented at the The 3rd Natonal Conference of Architecture and Urban Environment, hamedan, iran.

F, Bonyani, K, Memarzia, A, Habibi, & K, Fatahi. (2016b). Human, Drive-In and Urban Recreaction. Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development, Iran.

f, kamali, m, aliabadi, a, habibi, & m, alborzi. (2016). How Architectural Design Promoting Students Self-Esteem. Paper presented at the First International Conference on Humanities, Sari, Iran.

L, Nima, M, Aliabadi, & A, Habibi. (2015). Passive Strategies Recognitin for Renovation of Existing Residential Building by Improving Energy Efficiency Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference Recent Innovations in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urbanism

tehran, iran.

N, Akhavan, & A, Habibi. (2017). Role of Public Space in Historical Textures. Paper presented at the 3rd national conference on human, architecture, civil engineering and city, tabriz, iran.

N, Akhavan, A, Habibi, & M, Aliabadi. (2017). Identifying Role of Cultural Buildings in Creating Social Life. Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Urban Development at The Begining of the Third Millenium, Tehran, Iran.

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R, Keshtkaran, & A, Habibi. (2017). Landscape Aesthetics; Approaches and Evaluation Models. Paper presented at the Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development of Contemporary Iran, Tehran, Iran.

R, Keshtkaran, A, Habibi, & H, Sharif. (2017). A Review on Patterns in Urban Landscape Assessment. Paper presented at the 4th International Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development

Tehran, Iran.

S, Karami Rad, M, Aliabadi, A, Habibi, & R, Vakilnejad. (2016). Study Practical Examples of Passive Natural Ventilation Techniques to Reduce the Energy Consumption of Residential Buildings. Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference Recent Innovations in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urbanism, Tehran, Iran.

Sh, Sookhaklari, A, Habibi, M, Fallah, & Mh, Zakeri. (2017a). Identifying Affecting Factors In Vernacular Architechitecture. Paper presented at the Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development of Contemporary Iran

Tehran, Iran.

Sh, Sookhaklari, A, Habibi, M, Fallah, & Mh, Zakeri. (2017b). The Index Of Vernacular Architecture In The Style Of Contemporary Architecture Paper presented at the Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development of Contemporary Iran

Tehran, Iran.

Z, Badiehneshin, H, Fallah, & A, Habibi. (2016a). Explaining Philosophy of Sustainability in Contemporary Architecture. Paper presented at the The 1st Interntional Conference On Urbanism And Urban Management And Axpansion

Shiraz, Iran.

Z, Badiehneshin, H, Fallah, & A, Habibi. (2016b). Explaining Role of Place in Sustainable Design. Paper presented at the The 1st Interntional Conference On Urbanism And Urban Management And Axpansion

Shiraz, Iran


z, badiehneshin, h, fallah, & a, habibi. (2016c). social sustainability principles in dormitory design. Paper presented at the the 1st interntional conference on urbanism and urban management and axpansion, shiraz, iran.

Z, Badiehneshin, H, Fallah, & A, Habibi. (2016d). Study on Social Sustainability Components. Paper presented at the The 1st Interntional Conference On Urbanism And Urban Management And Axpansion

Shiraz, Iran


Z, Maghsoudi, M, Aliabadi, K, Fatahi, & A, Habibi. (2015). Introducing Theories In Place Identity. Paper presented at the 3rd International Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Development, tehran, iran.