The head of Shiraz University's Center for Scientific and International Cooperation said: The SUN Network aims to develop the scientific and cultural relations of the countries along the Silk Road, to consolidate peace and friendship and to restore the common traditions of the nations.

It has been established at Hancock University of Foreign Studies (Seoul City), South Korea, with more than 80 universities from different countries on the Silk Road.

Dr. Saber Khaghani Nejad added: The assembly has four institutes, including the Silk Road University Presidents Network, the International Silk Road Association, the Silk Road Students Union Network and the Symphony Orchestra.

He continued: Within this network, member university students can compete in international WRICOS writing and PHOCOS photography competitions, which are considered valuable prizes for top participants.

Dr. Khaghani Nejad noted that the scientific activities of the network are in line with supporting research activities such as holding conferences, conducting joint research, exchanging professors and students, organizing student festivals, and so on.

The head of the Shiraz University Center for Scientific and International Cooperation said: Shiraz University is one of the universities whose approaches are utilizing international scientific capacities and has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with some foreign accredited universities.

He continued: The new Erasmus + contract for the exchange of professors and students with Šiauliai University, Lithuania in Europe and the new Memorandum of Understanding with Sassari in Italy and GLA in India are among the international actions of Shiraz University.

He also mentioned that: The Erasmus + program is an EU-sponsored educational and research program where European universities host faculty members, students and staff of international universities outside the EU.