A lecture entitled " Saadi from a closer look" was held by Dr. Kavous Hassan Lee the professor of Shiraz University, and the director of Hafez Studies in Sydney, Australia.

In this lecture, Dr. Hassan Lee explored the connection between social concepts and artistic expression in Saadi's word and emphasized the characteristic of Sa'adi's poetry and prose, emphasizing that the meaning and form in Saadi's various works coincide and go hand in hand.

The professor of Persian language and literature at the University of Shiraz, said: Saadi sets some social responsibilities, and artistic commitments for himself. He also, thinks of what to say and how to say it. However, what made his speech everlasting, is the magic of art.

 Dr. Hassan Lee, speaking at a ceremony attended by a group of poets and writers, addressed some of Saadi's speeches and analyzed their aesthetics and described them as practical examples of Saadi's artistic behavior.

The meeting was held in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday September 3rd.