The opening ceremony of the 50th Iranian Mathematics Conference was held at the University of Shiraz with the participation of more than 1,000 professors, students and researchers across the country and lecturers from the United States, England, Germany, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

Professor Mohammad Mahdian, one of the Google's main research scientists, and Professor Maria Klawe, one of the World's foremost Women in Industry and also, a member of the Board of Directors of Microsoft, were among the keynote speakers of the conference.

Dr. Abdollahi said: Mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry, numerical analysis, probability and applications, differential equations, computer science and entrepreneurship are the main topics of this conference.

Dr. Zahra Goya, a professor at Shahid Beheshti University, also read the message of the head of the International Mathematical Union:

In this message, Carlos Kenig, head of the International Mathematical Union, praised the many years of cooperation between Iranian scientists and mathematical professors, and the Union.