This year, Shiraz University, with the collaboration of the Islamic World Science Citation Center, hosted the Second International Conference and 13th National Quality Assessment Conference in Academic Systems which looked at the latest domestic and foreign research achievements.

According to Dr Salimi, faculty members of SU and the Executive Secretary of the Conference, exchange of research information and assessment experiences in higher education, establishment of communication between researchers and managers, development of interaction between Iranian and international researchers in the field of evaluation and improvement of the quality of higher education, and promoting quality culture in higher education, are among the aims sought by this conference.

Dr Nadgaran, who attended the conference for a commencement speech, stressed the need for moving toward quality assessment features, after a long period of being only focusing on quantity. The Chancellor of Shiraz University compared quality assessment in higher education to a child who is still unable to walk about steadily and added that the 3rd and 4th generation universities require that the criteria by which quality assessment is determined should first be accurately maintained and afterwards, a strong structure should be implemented so that a sustainable balance between quality and quantity is achieved, without repeating previous mistakes.

Dr Nadgaran also praised all those who made the effort to plan this conference in the hope of witnessing its fruitful results in a near future.