Dr Hamid Nadgaran, Chancellor of Shiraz University, nationally favored for supporting the Persian cultural heritage, plus Dr Mohammad Sadegh Mirza Abolghasemi, SU faculty member at the School of Arts and Architecture, were praised at the commemoration day of the Persian cultural heritage and the International World Museum Day, as a means to cherish and encourage efforts which stand in line with cultural development and the preservation of the Persian heritage.

Dr Mohammad Hasan Talebian, Deputy of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, was also present at this ceremony to praise scholars and researchers who have been active in strengthening and promoting the cultural heritage of Iran.

The commemoration note awarded to Dr Mirza Abolghasemi notes: “research is regarded as the core and foundation to any development that mankind maintains. A researcher and philosopher is one who grants mankind the opportunity to benefit from their effort, gained through a life time full of dedication and hard work, which stand as the basis for any successful future development”.