With the participation of Ms. Bernadette Aubert, lecturer at the French University of Poitiers, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, a conference was held at Shiraz University to review French criminal policies on money laundering and how to implement the ''Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering''. The conference was held at the Hekmat Hall of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Shiraz University for students and faculty members, along with the participation of the Deputy Provincial Justice Department of Fars Province, delegates from the Iranian Prevention Police, Lawyers Association of Fars and managers of several local banks.

Dr. E. Abbasi, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, pointed out the necessity and significance of fighting economic corruption in the country, especially with regards to the recommendations and advice from the Supreme Leader of Iran, which insists on the deployment of preventing policies to serve that purpose.

Ms. Aubert also spoke to clarify the history of anti-money laundering legislation in Europe and France, pointing out the 1988 convention of the United Nations which is directed at drug trafficking and respective turnovers and the mechanism set by the European Council in 1990 and the European Union in 1991, as the first criminal and preventive measures set for that purpose. She added that France has seen these structures in its national policies, maintaining strong measures for their implementation. The current punishment for money laundering in France is a sentence of up to 5 years of imprisonment and a penalty fine of 375,000 Euros.

The meeting continued to discuss the different measures France has set in order to stand up against money laundering and at the end of the session, the participants were given the chance to raise their questions.