Prof.Dr.Axel Klein has joined the Chemistry Department of Shiraz University for a sabbatical period from March to July 2019 according to an academic grant that he received from DAAD. Prof. Klein is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cologne, Germany. Axel Klein is the (co)author of more than 180 research papers, reviews, book chapters and books. He is an active reviewer for funding agencies (Humboldt, DFG, DAAD).

During his stay, Dr. Klein intends to carry out joint research projects dedicated to solvation effects of organometallic transition metal complexes in collaboration with Dr. Amin Reza Zolghadr research group. This is of high importance in view of their potential application as antiproliferative drugs in cancer therapy. Also, he will present some lecture series and seminars on different fields such as bioinorganic chemistry, material chemistry, coordination chemistry and scientific writing.  In addition, he will present DAAD programs for students and staffs at Shiraz.

The Chemistry Department of Shiraz University is very active in different fields of chemistry and many researches from all over the world including two Nobel Laureates in chemistry (Linus Pauling and Robert Huber) have been visited this department up to now.