The 9th International Forum of International University Directors and Managers Throughout Iranian Academic and Scientific Institutions was held at the Iran University of Science and Technology with the participation of Dr Khaghaninejad, Head of the SU Academic & International Cooperations Department and also, Dr Tashkhourian, Director of the SU Chancellor’s Office and Public Relations, on behalf of Shiraz University.

Dr Gholami, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, stated that in order to witness a revolution in the academic international collaborations, our view towards it should change based on the situation we are experiencing at the current era. He added that the scientific development we have engaged in is the result of a 40-year plan and different problems are definitely obvious and normal to some extent; however, international scientific collaborations require that we focus our attention on the development of a stable, international network as a main priority for our national academic management system.

Dr Gholami also stated his willingness to reverse the current flow of students going abroad and insisted that our aim should also be focused on bringing about the elements that encourage foreign students to come to Iran and experience the rich scientific culture at our universities, which can certainly be beneficial bothways.