The 10th Annual International Power Electronics, Drive Systems and Technologies was held at Shiraz University, with the collaboration of Grenoble Alps University of France, and the participation of faculty members and students, as well as local industrial activists.

Dr Zebarjad, SU Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development, gave the opening speech to the event by pointing out the strong foundation upon which Shiraz University was established as an eminent international academic institution. He emphasized the fact that the Persian youth is filled with the capacity to overcome the barriers preventing our country from all kinds of development, even in the case of reducing the negative effects of the unjust sanctions imposed on our people.

Dr Farjah, the Conference Manager, also spoke to clarify the aims and objectives of the event. From his point of view, such events aim to cultivate a spirit of global academic and scientific collaboration, as well as promoting a strong and stable connection among scientific institutions and different industries. Regarding the papers presented, Dr Farjah stated that 140 were chosen from among the 220 papers received altogether.

Professors Jean-Luc Schanen and Lauric Garbuio were also present as key speakers from France.