A prominent book in the field of mechanical engineering has been published by SU faculty members. This book, which is published by Springer Publications, is titled “Computational Continuum Mechanics of Nanoscopic Structures” with its main focus on modeling the mechanical behavior of nanoscale structures. The SU professors who have contributed to the writing of this book are Esmael Ghavanloo and S. Ahmad Fazelzadeh, from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, plus Professor Hashem Rafii-Tabar, from the Department of Medical and Physical Sciences at the Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.

This book has been organized into 12 chapters and 300 pages and has been written in a manner which would be useful for many academic disciplines such as Nanotechnology, Computational Physics and Mechanical Engineering.

According to Dr. Hemmatian, this book resembles years of dedication, hard work and experience of these scientists and urged the need for Iranian scientists and scholars to more international publications of such kind which can act as a means to strengthen our international bonds with foreign academic institutions.