Shiraz University hosted a workshop regarding Ikebana, the traditional Japanese flower decorating technique, with the presence of local officials from Shiraz and also a delegation from the Japanese Embassy in Tehran.

Takashi Kamada, the Cultural Advisor and First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Tehran, stated that Japan's Cultural Week is held for the sixth consecutive year, aiming to introduce the rich culture and heritage of Japan to the Iranian society. He also added that such kind of cultural celebrations can be a means to move the two nations closer than ever before.

Dr Bazrgar also said that this Japanese art, like most of its kind, is a depiction of the Japanese mutual respect for people, dignity, avoidance of sadness, nature-centeredness and other traits that come with the culture.

Ms. Yamada, the Ikebana artist visiting Iran also said that the word “Ikebana” means the living flower, which is a depiction from this art which gives life to the flowers who have been removed from their natural root. She also added that this art aims to establish the boundaries between humans, the earth and the heaven, and considering the historical bonds local Iranians have had with nature, Ikebana can positively serve to bring the two nations closer together in this common ground which is also interacted with visual arts.