The honorary doctoral degree conferral ceremony for Professor Dr. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, Rector of TU Dresden, was held on 2nd December 2018. The Honorary Doctoral Degree was awarded in recognition of Professor Müller’s outstanding academic and scientific contributions in the advancements of international exchange, especially with regards to the ongoing cooperation between Shiraz University and TU Dresden. The ceremony, which came after a MoU signing ceremony between both institutions, was held in the presence of Shiraz University Officials, as well as the Governor of Fars Province.

Prof. Müller-Steinhagen has been active in collaborating with Iranian scientists since 1993 and has been a visiting professor in Iran since 1996 and has supervised a total of 16 Iranian doctoral students.

Dr Nadgaran, Chancellor of Shiraz University, welcomed Professor Müller to Shiraz University and praised him for his efforts and achievements in stablishing a strong scientific and academic connection between both nations.

Also, the Rector of TU Dresden, expressed his gratitude of joining Shiraz University and insisted on his commitments to joining all international scientific and academic institutions to fight global dangers such as threats concerning our natural heritage, global warming, and the decrease of water supplies.

The Governor of Fars Province also expressed his willingness to set this collaboration as a blueprint for other joint projects. He stated that the cooperation between TU Dresden and Shiraz University was not just limited to the scientific fields and local officials of Shiraz and Dresden also had the chance to plan future joint projects for the sake of their societies.

During this ceremony, Dr Malayeri, faculty member of Shiraz University and an Iranian former PhD student of Professor Müller who has also had an active role in maintaining this connection, gave an introduction to the life of Professor Müller and also pointed out his main academic and scientific achievements.