The “Déjà vu Pavilion” which was designed by a group of students from the Shiraz University Faculty of Arts & Architecture managed to place 1st in an international contest for architecture and design (2ACAA 2018). The group participating consisted of 11 members with 3 supervisors (Mahdi Dehghani, Mahdieh Sadaat Hedayati and Mohsen Rasooli Zadeh). This competition was held in two parts of Asian and European architecture, aiming to form a strong connection regarding scientific and research in architecture.

According to Mahdieh Sadaat Hedayati, one of the students who helped to develop the idea, the name Déjà vu resembles a nostalgic return to natural elements depicting our memories. This work of art is an urban installation in the form of a pavilion which includes a special-purpose booth, resembling a meaning, that can also include a variety of functions. She also added that the problems caused by climatic changes can be portrayed to the public society using an architectural approach which can have a great influence on their awareness of such problems.