The 16th International Conference of English Language & Literature was held at Shiraz University for 3 days, with pprofessors and students of English language and literature attending from universities across the country, along with lecturers and instructors of different educational institutions, countrywide.

The scientific secretary of this conference stated that this event aims to have a review of the teaching techniques and references regarding English language and literature.

Dr. Ahmadi added that, with regards to the requirements in this field, information packages will be prepared and offered, aiming to solve the current problems relating to teaching English language and literature. The tutors will also be visiting us from Australia, Sweden, Finland, and Turkey. This year, 700 papers were received, from which 210 were accepted to be presented in the form of speeches (150 papers) and posters (60 papers).

Dr. Mehrpoor also stated that this conference has been planned in two separate academic-executive committees (comprising of 150 faculty members from all over the country) for a year now. He added that the first day of the conference witnessed 8 instructional workshops, with interested crowds of scholars and students taking part actively and with enthusiasm.