Artashes Tumanyan, Ambassador of Armenia, visited Shiraz University to pursue negotiations for joint collaborations in all scientific encounters. In a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of SU, the Ambassador of Armenia, expressed his gratitude to have been provided the chance and insisted on the vast scientific potentials the two can supply, in the frame of joint scientific research and different mobility programs. He also added that 13% of the total GDP in Armenia is derived from the tourism industry and this can be a strong point of collaboration, as well as the other disciplines which Armenia has a strong status in, such as biotechnology, architecture, applied mathematics, engineering disciplines, and earthquake proofing programs.

Dr Afsharifar also welcomed the delegation and stated that a structure should be organized for future collaborations, which would start with the exchange of information to gain a clear understanding of the potentials present, and end in mutual visits, to set the standard platform for the implementation of the intended projects. The Vice Chancellor of Shiraz University also added that electronic products can be another field which can witness the collaborative research from both sides and that the Centre for Academic and International Cooperations will be in charge of pursuing the program.