The news conference regarding the Association for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature was organized at the Mostafavi Hall of Shiraz University with Dr. K. Hassanli, Director of the Center for Hafiz Studies & Hermeneutics and the Secretary of the Association for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature, and Dr. A. Sayyadkooh, the Executive Secretary of the Congress, elaborating on the aims and objectives of this scientific-literary conference.

According to Dr. Hassanli, recognition of cultural studies, encouraging scholars to produce scientific material and providing the right background for presenting new achievements, gaining access to new research in the field of Persian language and literature, promoting a literary dialogue among scholars and professors (especially aiming to form a connection between experienced professors and young scholars), encouraging young researchers to think and debate on cultural, scientific and literary research, insisting on empowering Farsi as an important and effective component in the formation of national unity and the integration of Iran, recognizing the scientific situation of literature in the country and continually seeking ways of enduring and permanent improvement opportunities were the objectives of this conference. He also added that 1100 papers were received for this conference altogether, from which 300 were selected by a professional committee.

The commencement of this conference is to be on Wednesday, Oct. 10th with participants from many different countries.