The Eram Complex buildings of Shiraz University was introduced as one of the finest works of Brutalism style architecture in the recently published book “SOS Brutalism”. The book, which is published with the assistance of the German Museum of Architecture and the Wustenrot Foundation, addresses some buildings of Shiraz University, giving descriptions and illustrating pictures. This book was published as an incentive to the MoU signed earlier, aiming to further introduce Shiraz University and assist academic talents among its students to pursue their research to the highest extent possible.

According to Dr. Fattahi, professor at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of Shiraz University and the Director of civil engineering projects of this university, brutalism is originated from French and is the result of the increase use of concrete in most buildings and establishments (although the use of other instruments, such as wood, brick and glass, is not forbidden).

Shiraz University, which was initially planned to be designed by the famous Minoru Yamasaki and with the assistance of Pennsylvania State University, was later set to be designed by Robert McMillan from McMillan Associates, who are famous for their designs for MIT, Harvard and Oxford University.