A group of university professors and delegates from Universiti Sains Malaysia and the Asian Academy of Management visited Shiraz University to meet with officials and delegates of the university.
During this meeting, the Chancellor of Shiraz University welcomed the Malaysian group and gave an introduction to Shiraz University, highlighting the grounds for mutual cooperation.
Dr. Nadgaran counted out some cultural and religious features common between the two nations and stated that this can provide the suitable basis for an active and efficient mutual collaboration.
During this meeting, Dr. Fallah Shamsi, Head of the Department of Scientific and International Cooperations called for an increase in efforts to expand mutual collaborations, especially in managerial fields. In this regard, it was agreed that a visit be planned for Shiraz University Chancellor and delegates to Universiti Sains Malaysia to further establish and strengthen this mutual bond and schedule for mutual activities in the future.
At the end of the session, Dr. Noor Hazlina Ahmad, expressed her satisfaction from the visit and called for further efforts to strengthen mutual ties.
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