The National Conference of Internationalization of Higher Education in Iran was held at Allameh Tabataba'i University at the presence of officials and staff members from the International Relations Affairs of universities throughout Iran. Dr. Omid Azadi, who had attended the event representing Shiraz University, spoke as the first speaker to compare internationalization and globalization. He stated that the main difference among these two is that globalization is mainly concentrated on a dominant culture whereas in internationalization the main objective is to enrich every single culture to act parallel to other cultures and with that in mind, higher education can be a means of internationalization in the world we live in today.

Dr. Azadi also gave an introduction to branding and marketing in higher education as tools for internationalization and noted that in higher education institutions, the main aim should be to develop internationalization as a culture in the body of the organization and from this point of view, the traditional perspective which connected the internationalization process merely to an office is considered to be useful and effective no more.

Other representatives also spoke about different matters crucial to internationalization in higher education, such as international funds, transfer of experiences, joint projects, internationalization strategic planning, etc.