Based on the MoU signed between Shiraz University and Ca' Foscari’s Department of Asian and North African Studies, an agreement was reached that Shiraz University would host Ca’ Foscari students who are interested in learning Farsi as a second language. To reach a dynamic implementation phase and in line with the signed MoU, 8 students from Ca’ Foscari have applied to study at the Shiraz University Persian Language Learning Program. These students, who have been scheduled to study at different levels, will be pursuing their activity at Shiraz University for a maximum of 6 months.

Upon arrival, arrangements were made to plan a trip for the students so that they could visit historical monuments in the city and get to know the Persian culture in its genuine form. They visited the tomb of Hafiz, where Dr. Azimifar and Mrs. Soltanian, Director and Vice-Director of the International Relations Affairs of Shiraz University accompanied them.