The workshop to strengthen the internationalization of higher education was held for three days at Shiraz University.

The representatives from the two European Universities presented in two discrete sessions their international experiences regarding student and staff mobility, holding and hosting different colloquia, securing and collecting budgets, and different strategies for capital raising, and shared their best practices in these respects. The sessions were continued with Iranian partners discussing their various efforts and plans for improving their international processes and facilitating the flow of international activities. The workshop was concluded with the participants asking practical questions from the coordinators and discussing their future plans.

It is worth mentioning that this was the first workshop of a series held within the framework of the IHEI Project. There are five other workshops planned to be held in the other five Iranian member universities in the project. All the workshops will disc uss the subject of internationalization of higher education. The IHEI Project has started since October 2015 and will continue for three years. According to Dr. Z. Azimifar, Head of the International Relations Affairs, this project is co-financing with the European Commission via the Erasmus Plus Programme by 6 universities and higher education institutes, with the cooperation of 3 European universities.