The International Suffrage Science Award, which has been awarded to prominent women in different scientific areas since 2011, is to encourage and motivate women who have not only reached outstanding scientific achievements, but women who have also acted as an inspiration to others. The award which is divided into categories such as engineering, mathematics, computation, and natural sciences, aims to establish a network of women throughout the world that are able to set an example of motivated women as an encouragement to other women.

This year, Dr. Zohreh Azimifar, Associate Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering School at Shiraz University, became the first Iranian to have had the honor of receiving this award. Her main areas of research include machine vision, statistical modelling, systems engineering, intelligent transportation and medical engineering.

Dr. Tamsin Edwards, professor of computer and statistical modelling at the Open University praised Dr. Azimifar for her achievements. She further added “in the recent visit I had to Iran, I was very much impressed by female scientists. I was introduced to Dr. Azimifar while preparing for an interview and to me, she was a complete image of the characteristics I praised and saw in Iran. Beside her scientific achievements, she is very much dedicated to internationalization in the academic society and paired with a good attitude and a wise mindset, she was a great assistance to me while I was in Iran.

When rewarded the International Suffrage Science Award, Dr. Azimifar pointed out a piece of poetry from the famous Persian poet, the Rumi, which is also among the advices of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon):

“Woman is a ray of God

She is not that Earthly beloved

She is creative

You might say she is not created”