Dr. M. A. Rajabzadeh, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sciences, published a scientific paper in the Journal of African Earth Sciences which was elected as one of the five most cited papers of Elsevier from 2014 to 2016. The paper was conducted under the heading “Mineralogy, geochemistry and geotectonic significance of mantle peridotites with high-cr chromities in the Neyriz ophiolite from the outer Zagros ophiolite belts”

Dr. Rajabzadeh is a professor at Shiraz University at the Department of Earth Sciences who has been able to publish over a hundred papers in different journals and conferences.

He has managed 6 scientific projects and 2 are currently proceeding. He has also been able to publish 2 books, besides being elected as the best researcher of Fars Province, best international manager, and a member of a number of scientific and academic boards.