The 5th International Conference on Engineering Materials came to an end at Shiraz University after 2 days.

Dr. S.M. Zebarjad, Secretary of the conference, was the first key speaker who welcomed all participants and presented a report on the different stages of programming and planning this conference and how accepting papers were accepted. Dr. J. Hejazi, Head of the Iranian Foundry Society, also stated that despite all improvements, there have been some major barriers. He further pointed out the absence of balance between university graduates and the desired proportion of human resources as the top preventing element in this expansion. Dr. M.A. Abedini, Dean of the School of Engineering, also spoke of the importance of group work among scientists in this field and urged the need for further collaborations and discussions in this regard.

The Chancellor of Shiraz University who was also present at the opening ceremony stated that scientific improvements don’t show themselves in the amount of scholarly papers and scientists must learn to see beyond these quantitative achievements. Dr. M. Ershad further added that morality must not be separate from our scientific developments and that we can’t say that we have reached success when we have deprived ourselves of moral issues in our scientific research.

Dr. H.R. Shaahverdy, Vice-President of the National Development Fund of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was the last speaker who gave some statistics and insight into their activities and how their center can aid scientific achievements in the country.