Delegates from Sun Moon University, alongside representatives from several South Korean companies, visited Shiraz University the other day to meet with officials and professors from this university and discuss matters of further cooperation.

Dr. Safavi, Vice-Chancellor of Shiraz University, counted out the many investment opportunities available for the university and added: “Shiraz University is completely equipped and organized to expand ties in different scientific, trade and commercial fields.

Prof. T. Jang, Head of the Korean board, expressed his fondness of Iran and Shiraz and stated that Sun Moon University is also ready to expand ties in all fields, especially mutually potential subjects, like programs for teaching Korean and Farsi to the citizens with an interest to learn these languages from both countries.

Dr. Azimifar, Head of the International Relations Affairs at Shiraz University, pointed out the 70 years passing from the time when the university was established and gave a brief instruction of the different faculties, schools and research centers and said that during the last three years Shiraz University has witnessed an outstanding growth in international activities and hopefully, with the efforts of Shiraz University officials, these connections will continue to grow in the future.