The Managing Director and other authorities from NORINCO Company of China visited Shiraz University the other day to discuss investment opportunities at this university.

Dr. Z. Azimifar, Director of the International Affairs at Shiraz University gave an introduction of Shiraz University after greeting the guests.

Dr. Safavi, Vice-President of Shiraz University, also counted out the opportunities for investment and stated that Shiraz University is ready to discuss any proposal for investment with regards to the many opportunities we have available. The Central Laboratory and the requirements for the establishment of this research facility, centralization project of the university, investments in solar power, and the reconstruction of the Natural History Museum of Shiraz were some investment opportunities which were counted out by Dr. Safavi.

Dr Gong Ounli, the Managing Director of NORINCO Company also stated that Shiraz, its university, and its cultural heritage are very well known in China and insisted on their eagerness to invest in suitable opportunities alongside Shiraz University.