At the presence of Shiraz University managers and students, and also the Governor of Fars Province, the opening ceremony of Shiraz University was held at the Razi Hall. The Chancellor of Shiraz University was the first speaker who emphasized the significance of Shiraz University’s role in the development of our society and urged all officials at Shiraz University to get a fuller grasp of the different problems our society has been confronted with.

Dr. Ershad also called for a united presence of all Iranians in the upcoming presidential elections and insisted that the university should encourage the society to take part in electing the next president.

The Governor also spoke of the need to move towards applied sciences, instead of merely concentrating on the theoretical aspect of science. The need for training professional human resources and the celebration of the National Week for Resistance were two other points which Mr. Afshani spoke a few words on. At the end, the Governor pointed out some achievements gained by the government and insisted that the government needs the help of the society to be able to make eminent progress in different fields.