For the first time in Shiraz, Shiraz University Public Relations Office and a group of students from Shiraz University organized a TEDx event at Shiraz University Cultural and Leisure Complex. The program saw a wide range of speakers, including Dr. Farid Mor (professor at Shiraz University and Head of the Shiraz University Science & Technology Park), Dr. Maryam Zakerinia (professor at Shiraz Medical University and specialist in blood cancer), Mahmoud Karimi (researcher and an expert of methods of innovation), Mansour Zabetian (tourist, writer, journalist, program designer and TV host), Hossein Kalhor(writer, commercial campaign designer, TV programmer), and Jamshid Bayrami (international photographer).

Ghazal Kaviani, student of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the executive secretary of the event, described the TEDx (TED standing for Technology, Entertainment & Design) event as an opportunity to expand innovation and flourish useful ideas. The subjects cover a wide range (minus topics on religion and politics) and are divided into distinct speeches that convey untouched and revolutionary ideas that can inject innovation into the society.

Ms. Kaviani also pointed out that so far, 133 countries have hosted the TEDx events and different cities in Iran are also very active in performing this event regularly.