At the presence of Dr. Kavoos Hassanli, Shiraz University’s professor of literature, a commemoration was arranged at the University of New South Wales for Hafiz, the famous Persian poet.

At this ceremony, which was attended and welcomed by many, Dr. Hassanli spoke a few words on the characteristics of Hafiz’s poetry and ideology. He pointed out the artistic side of Hafiz’s poems and his social ideology and stated that “this poetry gives a different view from every different angles, just like looking at a pyramid from different angles; they act like mirrors which give you a picture and an understanding of yourself instead of Hafiz himself. Dr. Hassanli further added that this characteristic is due to the amazing spiritual discipline and his connections with divine and metaphysical world.

The event continued with questions from the audience which were answered by Dr. Hassanli, followed by a live presentation of a musical band. It should be noted that Dr. Hassanli will be visiting Adelaide in August 20th to give a speech about Khayyam at the Persian Cultural Association of South Australia.