The 10th Break Time Conference was held at Shiraz University with the participation of 300 students. At the opening ceremony, Dr. Safavi faced all students and stated that “the future of the country will be based on your power of mind and will”.

The Deputy and Vice Chancellor for Planning & Development Affairs further noted that “the requirements for improvement go far beyond cultural and historical backgrounds. The world is now moving towards more profound qualities in their academic and scientific research, such as morality, accountability, teamwork, integrity, diligence and sheer will, ethics which are all seen in our religious teachings. Conferences of this kind can help highlight these qualities among our youth and hopefully open up their eyes in structuring a bright future for themselves and the country”.

Dr. Azimifar, Head of the Conference, also mentioned that this conference is programmed and run by four universities in Shiraz to students who are on the brink of entering the university. She further noted that there is a total of 68 workshops during the 3 day period of this conference and each student is allowed to participate in 8 workshops.

Dr. Ghodsi, professor of Canada’s Waterloo University and a graduate of Shiraz University who was also present at the conference insisted on recognizing one’s self and social identity as the first and most important step in forming a useful character. He further added that a collective reformation is what our country needs and that like the modern trend in the scientific structure of most countries, we should insist on expanding our abilities, instead of focusing on merely gathering information.