The closing ceremony of the 4th International Young Naturalists’ Tournament was held at Shiraz University’s Hekmat Hall on Friday, July 25th. During this ceremony, authorities from Shiraz University and the tournament’s managerial board spoke a few words for the audience and made some statements regarding this year’s tournament and how Shiraz University helped to facilitate and pave the way for an outstanding tournament.

This year students competed at two levels (12-16 years old and 16-18 years old) with 16 teams, of which 12 were from Iran and the other four teams were from Russia, Belarus, Croatia and Georgia.

At the 12-16 year old level Georgia stood at 1st place, Croatia and Belarus stood 2nd and also, Gifted Team from Dastgheyb II High School, Mehr Team from Mehre Taban High School, Be’sat I Team from Mashhad, Xavier, and Maple Teams who stood at 3rd place.

At the 16-18 year old level, Be’sat II stood at first place, followed by Amordad and Black Intelligence Teams at 2nd and 3rd place.

This tournament took place at the College of Sciences and participants were also provided the chance to visit some popular historical and cultural attractions of Shiraz to achieve a better understanding of the rich Islamic-Persian culture.