A delegation from Shiraz University, consisting of Shiraz University’s Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Head of the International Relations’ Office visited the Technical University of Dresden the other day to strengthen ties between the two universities and discuss further grounds for cooperation. This visit, hosted by the German university, gave the chance for useful discussions between the chancellors of both universities. Also, Prof. Safavi, Vice Chancellor of Shiraz University met with Prof. Ruck, Vice Rector for Structure and Development, and Prof. Azimifar, Head of the International Relations’ Office at Shiraz University discussed matters with Prof. Krauthauser, Head of the International Relations’ Office at Dresden University.

This reunion, which was in accordance with the recent visit of Dresden University’s Rector (Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen) to Shiraz University, further outlined future cooperations between the two universities and based on the outcome, collaborations in sciences pertaining to traffic and energy will be the start.

Also, during this visit, the representatives from Shiraz University took the chance to visit some schools and faculties of the German university, such as the center of Energy Technology, Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Science, Faculty of Computer Science and the Center of Urban Water Management, to achieve a clearer insight into the common grounds for collaboration between the two universities.