At the presence of high rank officials from The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Persian Language Learning Center was officially opened at a ceremony held for this occasion.

Dr. Samad Haj Jabbari, Head of the Foreign Students Office at The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, pointed out the bright history of Shiraz University since its establishment and clarified the reason as to why this university is the first in the country to receive Farsi learning students from abroad under the new framework of The Ministry of Science which isn’t limited only to funded students. He then spoke a few words on the importance of advertisement in introducing the great potentials of high standard universities, such as Shiraz University, and how the university website can be of assistance in this matter. He also recalled the high potential of Shiraz in tourism and also, The Foreign Students Council Affairs centered at Shiraz University as two main points of strength for attracting foreign students to this university.

Dr. Ali Akbar Safavi, the university’s Vice Chancellor for Planning & Development Affairs who was also present at the ceremony stated that Shiraz University has a very long history in receiving foreign tourists and this has been an ongoing process from the first years of its establishment before the Islamic Revolution. Rejoining IAU was another subject mentioned by the Vice Chancellor, wishing that this would be a means to break through the obstacles it faces.

Dr. Azimifar, Head of the International Relations Office at Shiraz University also noted that the Persian Language Learning Program was an answer to the growing enthusiasm of foreign students who wish to learn this language. She further stated that the situation where Shiraz University stands is unique in so many ways and this gives us advantages that most universities might not possess at once and these advantages can all be used to enrich this program.

Dr. Anooshiravani, Head of the Shiraz University International Division, gave some information about this program and how it functions, plus a vast scope of facilities provided for the students who attend the program.

Dr. Meneghini, professor of Farsi Language at the University of Venice gave presented a report on the situation that Farsi learning faces in Italy and hoped that this situation would improve alongside the positive political improvements recently established between the two countries.