According to Dr. Azimifar, Head & Director of Shiraz University International Relations Office, Shiraz University is a member of The International Association of Universities (IUA) from now on. She further added that this association was established in 1950 and is one of the associations with a long history and a rich background which comprises of the higher education associations of up to 150 countries worldwide.

Its main office is located in Paris and provides a wide range of services to the member communities in terms of higher education. It acts as to strengthen ties between its members with regards to exchange of experience and information, cooperations in the long-term development of universities in different societies, outlining higher education problems and complications with respect to policies set by international associations like UNESCO, and providing a vast set of information about different higher education institutions.

The IUA has set its goal on a number of objectives such as the establishment of an information center, running annual international conferences and professional seminars, the newest of HEDBIB (International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education) including resources and an abstract of the newest publications and research papers throughout the world, CHEA Awards (Council for Higher Education Accreditation), the research projects on examining the impacts of the global economic crisis on higher education, evaluation of academic and university degrees, advancement of cooperation with the international association of Global Academy Jobs regarding university employment services in order to facilitate and enhance the procedure of attracting university talented figures across the globe, access to bulletin, providing electronic papers and reports of international scientific – educational conferences, providing access to new publications of the International Institute of Education (IIE), and providing access to the European Strategic Management Union (ESMU).