Due to the birth of the holy daughter of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon them) the Chancellor’s Advisor in Women’s Affairs planned a dinner gathering at the amazing Eram Garden for all female faculty members. Apart from Shiraz University’s Administrative Board, many high-ranking officials of Shiraz were also present at the ceremony, including Ms. Dastgheyb, the Governor’s Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, Ms. Eftekhari, Head of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in Fars Province, Ms. Dr. Sayyahi, Head of Fars Province Customs Administration, and Ms. Kamaani, Director of Banoo Community for Literature.

Also, two specially invited guests, the wife of the deceased and beloved teacher Mr. Bahmanbeygi (God bless), and Ms. Dr. Zakernia, Shiraz Medical University professor, were praised and acknowledged by Dr. Ershad, Chancellor of Shiraz University.