The first International and fourth National Conference on Engineering Education with emphasis on innovative learning technologies, was held in Shiraz University.

Dr. Mahmoud Ya’ghoubi - conference secretary, in the opening ceremony expressed: “Holding the professional and general round-table discussions on subjects like ‘Technology Development & Creativity’, ‘The Transition from Quantitative to Qualitative Development’, ‘Engineering Education in 21st Century: Challenges & Perspectives’, ‘The Place of Electrical Engineering Education in Country Development’, ‘Chemical Engineering Education and Industry Requirements’, ‘The Relation of Mechanical Engineering Education with Industry Requirements’ and ‘Water and Environment Energy Management’ is the main aim  of the conference.”

Dr. Naser Taleb Bidokhti, the scientific secretary of the conference, expressed:

“78 articles are presented in form of lecture and poster.”

Dr. Salehi, vice president and head of the atomic energy organization said: “What is missing is educating the concepts of art, wisdom and spirituality to the students of the engineering sciences.”

He also mentioned: “Fortunately, in last 60 years, Iranian engineering society with all problems ahead, could have been in full accordance with all of the engineering sciences developments.”  

Dr. Saeed Sohrab Poor- deputy of national elites foundation, expressed that having foresight is the most important issues in universities’ educational program, in particular, in engineering field.

He stated: “Shiraz University as the first Iranian international university; is the first university launching the doctoral engineering and its educated experts have always served useful purposes to the country.”