Shiraz was named “a world city of handicrafts”
Unveiling of the largest periodic table at Shiraz University
Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Shiraz University and Rostock University of Germany
German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports projects of Shiraz University professors
3 times increase of international agreements of Shiraz University
Shiraz University's major steps towards internationalization
Saadi in Sydney; A Lecture by a professor of Shiraz University in Australia
The 24th meeting of the heads of major universities of Iran
The 50th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference
IRI Parliament to Support Dormitory Reconstruction at Shiraz University
SU aims for Erasmus+ Programs
SU Chancellor meets with Swiss Academic Officials
SU Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences schedules joint conference
Second International Conference and 13th National Quality Assessment Conference in Academic Systems
SU members praised for their heritage/cultural efforts
Dr Marzooghi publishes book in Arabic
SU signs joint MoU with the University of Poitiers
French criminal policy on money laundering
European and German funding opportunities for SU members
SU signs joint MoU with several Hungarian universities
SU discusses current issues with the delegation from the German Embassy in Tehran
SU collaboration with the University of Poitiers
Persian Garden Forum at SU
Sabbatical of Prof. Dr. A. Klein at the Chemistry Department of Shiraz University
SU faculty member honored as Eminent National Scholar
Suffrage 2019 awarded to SU faculty member for the second year
SU attends The 9th International Forum of International University Directors and Managers Throughout Iranian Academic and Scientific Institutions
SU hosted the 10th Annual International Power Electronics, Drive Systems and Technologies
The Chancellor of SU stressed the need for technological improvements
SU faculty members publish an outstanding book in Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Safavi awarded with the first National E-Learning Award
SU faculty member awarded with the “A’ Design Award 2018”
SU Chancellor's message regarding the New Year's Eve
Germany’s Vice-Ambassador for Iran visits SU
SU Chancellor is praised for his support for technological and scientific researchers
Shiraz University Hosts the Japanese Cultural Week Celebration
Shiraz University Hosts Honorary Doctoral Degree Conferral for the Rector of TU Dresden
SU students of architecture stand first in an international contest
The 16th International Conference of English Language & Literature
SU PhD student attends workshop of Social and Political Support in the Evolving Labor Market
Ambassador of Armenia visits SU
Iran-Italy Joint Archeology Research Program
The Thirteenth International Gathering of the Association for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature
News conference regarding the Association for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature at SU
First Joint Degree at SU
The prominent architecture of Shiraz University on display
Shiraz University to strengthen ties with Istanbul Aydin University
Establishment of the First International Joint Laboratory
Shiraz University hosts Dean of Agriculture from the University of Queensland
Scientific round-table to increase interactions with Afghanistan
Persian Language & Literature Event to be held at Shiraz University
TU Dresden Ceremony at Shiraz University
Shiraz University Chancellor hosts academic group from Malaysia
National Conference on IHEI
Shiraz University’s Dr. Hemmateenejad receives International Chemometrics Award
Shiraz University President assigned
Carpet Festival at Shiraz University
Delegates from German research institutions visit SU
Students of Ca’ Foscari attend Shiraz University’s PLLP
Shiraz University to start new Erasmus+ project with the University of Marburg
Shiraz University THE Ranking 2017
Shiraz University expands cooperation with Sapienza University of Rome
Dr. Rahimian’s book published in London
Shiraz University signs MoU with the University of Information, Technology & Communication of Iraq
Shiraz University signs MoU with Ca’ Foscari
Workshop to strengthen internationalization of higher education
Shiraz University signs MoU with Ghent University to award joint degrees
Shiraz University signs MoU with USM
Dr. Azimifar receives the International Suffrage Science Award
Shiraz University signs MoU with Western Sydney University
Presidents of Private Universities in Afghanistan Met With Shiraz University Administration
Dr. K. Fattahi receives scientific award at ISAIA
Shiraz University Professors High Number of Citation in Famous Veterinary Book
First Graduates for PLLP
Deputy Secretary General of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation visits Shiraz University
Shiraz University scholar listed among most cited
Merry Christmas and a happy new year
Shiraz University Signs MoU with Cyprus International University
Shiraz University Celebrates “Week of Unity”
Delegates from the Chinese Academy of Science Visit Shiraz University
Delegates from Shiraz University visit France
Shiraz University Hosts iMAT2016
Shiraz University Signs MoU with Two Major Russian Universities
Shiraz University and Dresden University Strengthen Ties in Psychological Fields
Delegates from South Korea visit Shiraz University
Opening of the Aerospace and Aviation Foundation at Shiraz University
A Commercial and Industrial Group from China visited Shiraz University
The 1st National Congress of Infection and Immunity
Shiraz University Re-Opening Ceremony
Educational and Research Conference on Bio-NEMS & Bio-MEMS
TEDx Event at Shiraz University
The Educational Authority of the International Astronomical Union visits Abooreyhan Observatory
Khayyam Night Celebrated in Adelaide
Shiraz University Student’s Outstanding Achievement
Foreign Reporters Visit Shiraz University
Hafiz Night Celebration in Sydney
The 10th Break Time Conference at Shiraz University
Closing Ceremony of the 4th IYNT at Shiraz University
Memorandum of Understanding between Shiraz University and Braunschweig Natural History Museum
Shiraz University Delegation Visits Germany’s Technical University of Dresden
Opening of the Persian Language Learning Center at Shiraz University
Shiraz University Attends Internationalization Workshop in Spain
Shiraz University Hosts the President of the Pakistan Science Academy
Shiraz University Graduation Ceremony
Shiraz University Membership in the IAU
College of Agriculture at Shiraz University Hosts Foreign Group
Shiraz University Administrative Board Praises Female Faculty Members and their Services
Shiraz University signs MoU with Passau of Germany
Shiraz University Delegates Attend Internationalization Conference in Austria
A Group from Germany Visit Shiraz University
Shiraz University Cultural-Pilgrimage Tour to Najaf and Karbala
The First Meeting on “Art Education in Iran & the World”
The attendance of Shiraz University’s Academics at Marching of Bahman 22nd
The Presence of the Minister of Information & Communications Technology in Shiraz University
Dr. Anoushirvani Published a Book
The Graduation of the First MA Student in Fisheries Science in Shiraz University
The Presence of the Prominent Photojournalist in Shiraz University
The International Conference on Engineering Education in Shiraz University
Admission of the international student
Launch of Shiraz University's New Website
Launch of Shiraz University's New Website
Launch of Shiraz University's New Website