Mining Massive Datasets


Workshop Title

Mining Massive Datasets


Workshop Abstract

In this workshop, the basics of applied interdisciplinary data mining research will be presented.  The presentation is focused on interdisciplinary researches to publish in world renowned journals of the field that data comes from. 

In recent days of highly interconnected world, data is collected from almost every device.  The vast amount of data and short processing time required to reach the knowledge to be useful makes variety of algorithms in the era inefficient. So the talk consists of two sections.  How to initiate and make the proper interdisciplinary research setting is presented first. Afterwards, some of the successful joint researches that were published in sjr Q1 journals will be presented.

In the other section of the talk, constrains of mining massive datasets will be presented followed by the algorithms that are fit to use in a time constraint setting to acquire knowledge from those datasets.  Algorithms on clustering, association rule mining and outlier detection will be explained by examples.


Workshop Outlines

  1. Why regular data mining algorithms are not suitable for interdisciplinary and massive dataset mining is explained.
  2. Setting required to have a high quality interdicplinary research is discussed
  3. Examples from Genetics, health informatics, earth sciences, factory automation and cyber security will be discussed
  4. Clustering, association rule mining and outlier detection for mining massive datasets will be discussed
  5. Question and answer sessions will lead the rest of the workshop


Workshop Organizers*





Ashkan Sami

Shiraz University