Making Sense of Social Data: Introduction to social computing


Workshop Title

Making Sense of Social Data: Introduction to social computing


Workshop Abstract

Web 2 has revolutionized our daily online experience and had a significant impact on the information society. The most important aspect of the Web 2 is that it is social. People are not only the consumer of information; they also actively participate in generating, transforming, enriching, and propagating the information. What makes the Web 2 and social media very powerful is the underlying social structure and communities in every single online service. In this workshop, I will present some of my recent research projects on Social Computing.  The core concept of all projects is to build a model to predict the social and collective behavior of users and individuals in a social network or a community. The research projects are from crime index prediction to predicting the direction of stock market movement to applications of machine learning in sport and legal analytics.


Workshop Outlines

  1. Introduction (0.5 hr)
  2. Introduction to Social media (1.5 hr)
    1. Social aspect
    2. Social networks
    3. Social media vs. traditional media
    4. Dark sides of social media
  3. Let’s people run your business! (1 hr)
    1. Metcalfe’s law and value of a social network
    2. Brief review of current online social media and their features
  4. Mining social media (1.5 hrs)
    1. Tools, APIs, libraries
    2. Sampling problem
  5. Socio-economic trend prediction from social media (2.5 hrs)
    1. Crime prediction
    2. Stock market prediction
    3. Link and sign prediction in social networks
  6. Wrap-up (1 hr)
    1. Research and business opportunities for Iran
    2. Labs, conferences, journals, and key information
    3. Conclusion



Workshop Organizers*





Masoud Makrehchi

Associate Professor - Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Osahawa, Canada