Introduction to Docker Containers


Workshop Title

Introduction to Docker Containers


Workshop Abstract

Containerization technology is being adopted quickly by the software industry because it offers fast deployment, good portability, and high resource efficiency to run large-scale and distributed systems. For example, many large Internet companies, e.g. Google, Yelp and AirBnB, etc., have intensively used containers to speed up the development of their applications and platform.

Docker, the most popular container technology, is an open-source project that provides a way to automate the packaging and shipping of applications inside lightweight containers based on the idea of a shipping container.

This tutorial will aim to provide understanding of Docker technology, tools and application.


Workshop Outlines

  • Introduction to Containers Technology
    • Containers Vs. Virtual Machines
  • Docker project and ecosystem
    • Terminology
    • Architectures
  • Docker Commands
  • Dockerfiles
  • Anatomy of a Docker image
  • Docker volumes
  • Docker Networking/ Docker Swarm
  • Docker compose / stacks
  • Working with Docker
    • Running first container
    • Webapps with Docker
  • Docker for DevOps
  • Docker for Reproducible Research


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Hamid R. Moaddeli

Pars Hassas Co.