Introduction to Data Fusion
Workshop Title
Introduction to Data Fusion


Workshop Abstract

The term fusion means in general an approach to extraction of information acquired in several domains. The goal of data fusion (DF) is to integrate complementary multisensory and multiview information into one new domain containing information the quality of which cannot be achieved otherwise.   

This workshop aims at providing multimedia researchers with some data fusion applications, which are used for combining multiple modalities in order to accomplish various multimedia analysis tasks.


Workshop Outlines

In this workshop we learn how data fusion can help to:

  • Expand spatial coverage
  • Find additional information
  • Capable of being tolerant to faults
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Improve management and decision making
  • Reduce noise effect


Workshop Organizers*





Reza Rohani Sarvestani

Ph.D., Assistant Professor , Dep. of Computer Engineering,
Engineering Faculty, Shahrekord University