Introduction to Social Networks


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Introduction to Social Networks


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One of the important complex networks is social networks. Recently, social networks play an important role in the human life because they enable individuals to simultaneously share information with each other. Online social networking websites such as Facebook have become tremendously popular because let people in all around of the world communicate with their friends, send emails, and spread opinions on some issues, etc. without meeting each other.

The spread of social web is changing the way companies market, to connect with, and build personalized relationships with their customers. A social network can offer an ecommerce merchant the opportunity to promote a business and even sell some products. Also, the application of social networks can be in academia, politics, homeland security and economy. This follows the patterns of known entities of our society that have evolved into networks in which actors are increasingly dependent on their structural embedding.

Considering the importance and pervasiveness of social networks, this workshop aims to bring together academic, R&D, and industry researchers to address both the science and engineering challenges associated with the rapidly evolving domain of these networks. It is devoted to analysis of the structure of social networks and what is more important to identify the areas where this analysis can be applied. In order to identify the most influential individuals of social networks, we investigate how information propagates in the networks. Additionally, the different techniques of marketing with social media and the useful tools are explained. These tools can help companies to schedule their posts efficiently, measure and analyze the effectiveness of their business and use those insights to improve the companies.


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Ali Hamzeh

Shiraz University