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Opening Session will be held in Kharazmi Hall  (See the address of Faculty of Eng. Building no 3, on the google map).

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Welcome to the 21st Computer Science and Software Engineering Conference (CSSE 2017) and the 19th Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing Conference (AISP 2017) sponsored by Computer Society of Iran (CSI) and hosted by Shiraz University; Shiraz, Iran October 25-27, 2017.

Shiraz University is among the top-ranked universities in Iran and its computer science department is the first computer science department established in Iran.

Shiraz is a city of magnificent diversity, the city of Persian poetry and civilization, and home to many touristic sites.  Several majestic architectures from mosques to historic houses are spread across the town. The Eram garden (Garden of Paradise) an excellent exemplar of Persian garden is a Shiraz University property.  Tomb of Hafez, a well-known Persian poet from the 14th century, and Saadi, another celebrated poet of the 13th century are other attractions of Shiraz.  A beautiful ski resort is within an hour drive from Shiraz also Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid), the capital of the Achaemenid empire and one of the world’s most magnificent ancient sites, which was declared a world heritage site in 1979 by UNESCO, is only 60 km away.

After the Conference and based on the recommendation of the program committees the selected papers will be suggested for publication in The Iranian Journal of Science & Technology (IJST) (ISSN: 1028-6284) , which is indexed by ISI.



Important Dates

* Special Session and Workshop Proposals Deadline:  01 June  2017    25 June 2017

* Paper Submission Deadline:  09/June/2017 (19 Khordad 1396)   10 July 2017 (19 Tir 1396)

* Paper Notification of Acceptance:  02/Sep/2017 (11 Shahrivar 1396) 

* Camera Ready Submission and Registration Deadline:  15/Sep/2017 (24 Shahrivar 1396) 

* CSSE & AISP: 25 - 27 Oct 2017


AISP Topics

Artificial Intelligence:

Data Fusion
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Deep Learning
Evolutionary Computation
Fuzzy Logic
Information Theory
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Machine Vision
Multi Agent Systems
Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks
Planning, Scheduling, Search and Optimization

 Signal Processing:

Biomedical Signal Processing
Chaotic and Fractal Systems
Image and Video Processing
Multidimensional and Array Signal Processing
Multimedia Systems
Signal Modeling and Estimation
Signal Processing Systems & Techniques
Speech Processing
Statistical Signal Processing
Stereo Vision and 3D Reconstruction

Emerging Applications:

Forensic Sciences
Intelligent Transportation
Information Retrieval
Robotics and Virtual Reality

CSSE Topics



Computational Geometry
Theoretical Computer Science


Software Engineering:

Formal Methods
Software Engineering
Software Reliability
Empirical Software Engineering
Program Analysis
Software Architectures
Software Testing
Verification and Validation


Data Mining and Distributed Systems:

Semantic Webs

Information Retrieval

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Information Systems
Database and Data Mining
Big Data and cloud computing

Cyber Security:

Cyber Security

System and Software Security


Related Topics:

Compilers and Interpreters
Social Networks
Human–computer Interaction

Information Technology
Mobile Computing






AISP-CSSE 2017 Secretarial Office:

Department of Computer Science & Engineering & IT, Shiraz University, Molla Sadra St, Shiraz,  IRAN.

Postal Code: 71348-51154

Tel: (+98) 7136133290

Fax: (+98) 7136474618

Mobile: (+98) 9175353450